24 Aug 2019 Atlanta (United States)


The 8th International Workshop on Security Proofs for Embedded Systems (PROOFS) will be held on August 24 2019 in Atlanta (USA). It is collocated with CHES, the Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems. The goal of the PROOFS workshop is to promote methodologies that increase the confidence in the security of embedded systems, especially those which contain cryptographic algorithms. Formal methods allow to increase the trust level of digital systems.

For more information, please visit the official website of PROOFS.


The registration for the workshop is open until August 24. Please note that a refund of the registration fee is not possible. The registration fee is

Early registration (until July 15, 2019):

  • 150 € for regular participants
  • 100 € for students

Late registration (until September 13, 2018):

  • 180 € for regular participants
  • 130 € for students
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